Thrifty Master Bedroom Makeover

Summer came and went and I'm not sure where it went! Does anyone else? Today I'm sharing our master bedroom. When looking for the before photos, I completely forgot how bad it was and then immediately felt like I needed to explain why I let it get to that state. But... I won't waste my time or yours because it's not that good of a story. 

We've been in the house for two and half years and it's taken us about that long to complete it. Heck, it wasn't until we decided to put the house on the market that we found the time to paint over the awful lime green in our bathroom. I don't have a before photo of the bathroom, but you can get a sneak peak of it in third photo down. When you're on a tight budget, it takes time. Time to dig through thrift stores or update hand-me-downs. 

What made the biggest difference? Paint and lots of it. We painted all the doors white, the furniture and obviously the walls. I really didn't want to paint our dressers because they were my grandparents but there was some damage (from our amazing dog & moving) that I couldn't repair without painting.

Also. lighting was a big change. Thankfully my husband hates overhead lighting about as much as I do, so we updated the fan with no light- which is an easy fix if you don't want your ceiling fan to be noticed! I found wall sconces at Lowe's on clearance for $20 that I spray painted using my favorite gold spray paint. My husbands time in the Navy as an electrician has come in handy more than once. 

Most of the accessories came from around the house (#usethecrapyougot) or I went shopping in my mom's basement. However, I did buy a few things. 1. The curtains were $40 for the pair off Craigslist (they're normally over $95 a piece and they were only used to stage a house.) 2. The mirror above my dresser was a $9 Goodwill find. 3. The blue and white plates I bought thrifting on our trip to Connecticut last summer, $3 a piece. 4. Our headboard was an amazing deal at $180 and it tied the room together just like I visioned. 5. The magnolia painting was a last minute find at Goodwill as well for only $9. Not too bad uh? Being patient pays off when it comes to thrifty design. 

Want to know anything else? I'm an open book.