Kitchen Makeover

Happy Tuesday! Before I post another Design Tip, I'd like to share a small kitchen makeover that was completed at the beginning of the year. You may recognize this kitchen from the big staging project we worked on last year. If you don't, no worries- here's a link to that post

I loved working on this project because it shows how new countertops, backsplash, lighting and hardware can change the entire look of a kitchen. I also loved it because it shows a project in phases.  I see so many people discouraged when it comes to updating a kitchen. Mostly because they have a very little budget or they want it all done immediately (with a little budget). But let me be the first one to tell you... good design takes time and a plan! 

First phase: Painting and (some) lighting. 

Phase Two: Quartz countertop, butcher block countertop for island, paint island, backsplash and sconces.  We didn't paint all the cabinets because the house was still on the market and I knew the other updates would give us the look we were going after. Plus, the butcher block goes so beautifully with them it makes for a cohesive, warm look. 

photo credit: real estate photographer 

photo credit: real estate photographer