Design Tips Part 2

Okay. Now that we have done some much needed elimination, let's talk furniture placement. The options are endless here- with a myriad of rooms ranging in size, location, functionality, etc.... we could chat about this for hours! With all the possibilities at our fingertips, let's start by asking yourself these questions while you look into the room(s) you have in mind. (Go ahead, jot down some notes while you're at it!)

1. Scale.

  • Is your furniture too big?
  • Do you have too many pieces in one room that is taking up valuable real estate? (If you answered yes, you might want to re-read the blogpost with the first design tip and take action!)
  • Does your furniture look "squatty" because you have high ceilings?

2. Traffic flow.

  • Are you blocking a window when you don't need to?
  • Are you blocking the fireplace? (Please, say it ain't so!)
  • Do you have a 36" walk way?
  • Is your furniture facing a focal point? Or is your furniture's back to the focal point? 
  • If you're in a small room, could you turn the bed against the wall for a "daybed"? 
  • Do you have bed placed immediately by a door? Example below..

I had this problem in my girls room. I really wanted to use a mirror that has special meaning and the only way I could was to place the dresser on one wall and the bed on the other that blocked the flow immediately when you walked in. 

See the difference? 

3. Furniture shape.

  • Is all your furniture the same shape? (ex: boxy/rectangular) Remember, variety is the spice of life!
  • Would adding a round ottoman or round end table soften the edges in the room?


Now that we've got your creative juices flowing when it comes to furniture placement, let's take a read at a few of my  'Go-To Tricks' to put into action:

-Always make a floor plan. This is something anyone can do, digitally or by hand. I'm old school and love to draw a room to scale on paper before I take it digitally. Almost all big furniture stores offer a free room planner option online. To name a few I like: Haverty's; Better Homes & Garden; Urban Barn

- Sectionals!  I love using sectionals in homes, especially with kids. It gives plenty of seating and eliminates unnecessary pieces, such as an end table with a lamp. (Remember, eliminate? Let's adopt the minimalist mindset when possible!) No sectional, no worries. My favorite saying is "use the crap ya got".

-Upholstered/Leather ottomans! These are especially great with kids because there are no hard/sharp edges. Plus, you can use it to kick your feet back while watching TV, as well as serve for extra seating when needed. 

-Symmetry! If possible, I always like to put things symmetrically. It's easier on the eyes. and tends to give more style and function to a room. For example, two identical sofa's facing each other or two identical chairs together facing a sofa, etc.  

Furniture placement is key to getting the best functionality and flow in a room as we continue creating your beautiful, serene space that is your sanctuary from the outside world. I'm always willing to answer questions so don't be shy!