House to Home DIY Project: Dollhouse

My oldest daughter turned three last November and for her birthday, I gave new life to a wooden dollhouse I picked up from someone moving for..... $20. I originally posted some these photos in my daughters room reveal HERE a few months back. Here's the before: 

1.) First thing I did was removed the "wood flooring" and cleaned it up before I spray painted the outside blue and the ceiling pink. For everything else I painted white, I used a oil based paint for a nice glossy finish. 

2.) Second step was applying the "wall paper" which is actually wrapping paper. I splurged on this paper because I knew I could use it for another project.  In order to get the angles right and the corners tight, I used tracing paper to make a pattern- so I also wouldn't waste any of my expensive wrapping paper. I simply applied the paper with Modge Podge. 

3.) Third step was the ceiling which was a two man job. I used shims and nail glue. The husband and I applied the shims with the thicker side on the bottom, starting on the bottom then worked our way up. I didn't use a ruler because I like to eyeball things and give it a more organic look. 

4.) Fourth step was putting together accessories and painting the existing furniture. I had my mom help me sew all sorts of curtains and pillows but in the end, I decided to keep it simple, simple, simple. Mostly because I knew my girls would tear down anything that looked interesting. The hardest part of this whole project was finding reasonably priced accessories, especially rugs. So I made one with a felt sheet (that has a sticky backing) and sewed rick-rack to the edge. Surprisingly enough, it's still in place. 

I love it and I know I'll cry lots of tears when the day comes they don't want it anymore.