Making a house a home: Series 1

As I navigate this world of blogging and what to say and what not to post, I've decided to start documenting our journey to love this place we call our home. We don't live in a big, new, fancy home. It was built in 1985 and in some areas- it shows. However, there are lots of things we love about it. For one- we like that we can't touch our next door neighbor's house out our kitchen window and another would be the girls rooms. Which I think would be a great starting point..... You may have seen that I posted Olive's room on Project Nursery a few days ago, but what you didn't see were the 'before' photos.  

In the year that we've been in the house, I've lost count how many different directions the crib as been placed. The room is large and has two attic doors that I wanted to disguise the best I could. I did two things to help: painted the doors as if they didn't exist and placed the teepee and rocker in front of the doors to help "hide" them. You still see them, but they don't stand out nearly as much. Easy peasy. 

My favorite design secret would be to use accessories and art that have meaning! The high school diploma was my great grandmother's who Olive is named after and the doll was a gift to my mother from my late father. The globe came from one of my many antiquing days with a great friend when we lived in Connecticut and they all bring back happy memories.